Automatic balloon|Self-Explosive Balloon

Automatic balloon|Self-Explosive Balloon


Product name:Automatic balloon,Self-Explosive Balloon

     balloons are self-inflating foil balloons that do not require inflation and do not have a valve. This self-inflating balloon has Four components to make it inflate:balloon、 citric acid, distilled water, and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).

     Principle of automatic inflating balloon

    Automatic balloon

Self-Explosive Balloon material: composite nylon aluminum plating

Description of automatic inflatable ball:

   1. This product can automatically inflate the balloon, saving time and effort;

   2. The inflatable body is colorless and odorless, and fully meets the environmental safety standards of the National Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the American Toy Manufacturers Association.

How to use the automatic inflatable ball:

   1. Pinch a soft water bag in the sphere;

   2. The balloon starts to inflate and shake it a few times;

        3. The balloon expands slowly into a complete shape.